How to set up an international kindergarten in Vietnam: legal conditions and procedures

Over the last decade, Vietnam has increasingly become an attractive destination for non-Vietnamese professionals to come, settle down with their families and work. Many international kindergartens are being set up in big cities, to cater to the needs of expatriate families living in Vietnam as well as Vietnamese families wishing to send their young children to an international preschool environment. 

KidsOnline is privileged to provide our management platform to many international kindergartens operating in Vietnam. Many international kindergartens choose to use KidsOnline to run their schools in Vietnam, rather than bringing in a management system from overseas, thanks to KidsOnline’s intuitive, affordable cloud-based management platform to optimize their daily operation, improve quality of service and maintain regular two-way communication with parents in both English and Vietnamese languages. 

For the benefits of international kindergarten investors and managers who are exploring the opportunities to open one in Vietnam, KidsOnline is re-sharing Vietnam News Agency’ legal expert advice pertaining to the conditions and procedures that investors and managers of international kindergartens in Vietnam have to meet and follow: