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“Flu-proof” Your Child: Time To Get A Flu Shot

Influenza is a serious respiratory infection that can result in hospitalisation and even death. The best way to prevent influenza is vaccination. Because the strains of viruses change every year, pharmaceutical companies conduct research to find out which strains will be … Read more

Bring your kindergarten to the cloud with KidsOnline

This new schoolyear, bring your kindergarten to the cloud with KidsOnline and get a 5-in-1 service package offering 2 months free usage, complimentary Kindergarten Association membership, free professional training to your teachers, among others. Kindergartens registering to use KidsOnline by … Read more

Happy New School Year to KidsOnline Partner Kindergartens

KidsOnline wishes partner kindergartens a great start to the 2019-2020 school year. May the new school year become your kindergarten’s year of educational and operational excellence, with higher level of parent-student satisfaction. Our team at KidsOnline is grateful for our … Read more

Forming the first kindergarten association in Vietnam

KidsOnline is privileged to be an active member of the Advocacy Committee for the Establishment of the Vietnam Association for Non-public Preschool Education (VANPPE), the national professional organization representing non-public kindergartens teachers and managers, towards a more comprehensive, standards-based development … Read more