An interview with the author of “Raising Kids in Bewilderment”

One week after the first launching event in Vietnam, Dr Le Nguyen Phuong’s book “Day con trong hoang mang” (“Raising Kids in Bewilderment”) has sparked dynamic online discussions among educators and parents of young children, and commanded a re-print to meet readers’ great demand for the book.


KidsOnline’s early childhood education commentator, Hoang Anh, sits down with the author to ask follow up questions on the topics raised in his book, reflecting through the lenses of a young boy’s mother, one of the parents bewildered by conflicting advices they get every day from the various educational websites, fora and other media.

In this interview, Dr Le Nguyen Phuong and Hoang Anh touched upon the underlying principles for parents when deciding to “follow” or not to follow a popular early childhood education school of thought, whether be it the Montessori, Glenn Doman or Shichida method; practical tips for parental emotional resilience and how to reward/penalize a child in a mindful manner. The interview (in Vietnamese language) can be viewed here: