The most popular kindergarten management system in Vietnam


KidsOnline - the most popular cloud-based kindergarten management system in Vietnam
Excellent tool for school-parent communication
Secure, convenient platform for school’s daycare operation management and reporting

App Features

Easy management and monitoring of school operations
Two-way effective communication between parents and teachers, administrators
Convenient class management, freeing up time for teachers to focus on personalized care for each child
  • Keep and update children's contact information

    Enable kindergarten administrators and teachers to keep and update each child’s personal profile and parents’ information securely on the system.
  • View pictures, video and kids’ daily activities

    Parents can instantly and conveniently get information from kindergartens on their children’s activities.
  • Parents and kindergarten interact easily, especially in key functions

    Teachers conveniently broadcast information on the class’s activities, schedules, notice to all or selected parents on the app. Parents securely chat with teachers and other parents. Parents can also easily apply for extracurricular activities for their child; send reminders about their child’s medication to teacher; apply for class attendance or absence; change meal plans and order/cancel child pickup service.
  • Monitor child’s health status

    Parents and teachers record and monitor each child’s health status (height chart, weight chart, medical checkup status, special medical notes) systematically and securely on the app.
  • Get accurate, detailed invoice and payment reminders

    Parents will get system-generated invoice for their kids showing tuition, meal fee, pickup fee and extracurricular activities fee, among others, as well as friendly payment reminders.


Creative Kindercare
KidsOnline helps us tremendously to manage our school system, improve student assessment, and connect with student parents. The system allows for the students' natural development and provides personalized care to each individual child. This is invaluable to both their education and upbringing.
Louis Kindergarten
KidsOnline have done well more than we expected. Thanks to the system, we had some breakthrough changes to improve our school quality.
Steame Garten
We are proud to be one of the first partners of KidsOnline. The effective of the system can be found in the satisfaction of all parents in our school.